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Sonia Majeed “Changing Horizons”

Sep 12, 2019

Ansar Akram CEO Dubai UAE

In the rapidly evolving world of innovation, women are steadily contributing and making their mark in different aspects of society. We have many more positive stories that don’t see the light of day, such as the incredible pool of young talent pushing boundaries in numerous industries and disciplines. With sheer determination and hard work, there are women who have achieved remarkable successes in different fields that were once considered forbidden for them. Despite a challenging environment, young women are increasingly looking to make a difference; and are successful, too. One such name is Sonia Majeed; a Dubai based singer hailing from Pakistan has already achieved many accolades at a young age than most people do in a lifetime. Majeed is a musician, playback singer, artist and performer; has won the Best Singer at the House of Lords, Best Singer in Business Community Award and Best Emerging Female Singer Awards.

She has successfully managed to promote a positive image with her work for all in the world to see. Majeed is a Philanthropist, Global Good Will Ambassador, Winner of International Peace Award, British Parliament, Women Empowerment Achievement Award Holder, Brand Ambassador of GOGO Jeans Spain, supporting / volunteering the cause #HEforShe Program of UN Women, leader for Dubai girl up club and advocates the girl up program by UN women. She’s the First (STF) Action Network Member/Volunteer, Ambassador for Greenden, Advocate for The Global Goals, #NotATarget Ambassador for Humanity Program by UN, Ambassador for UAE for the Child Abuse Program by MyBodyIsMyBody and Advocate Member of Christ Foundation for the Disabled.

Truly deserved to be celebrated; Sonia Majeed is truly an inspirational figure. She is an inspiration to all women out there who want to pursue their goals and, in the process, bring about positive change in the society.