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Global Pioneering Business Forum & World Leaders Award

Feb 4, 2024

Event Overview: The Global Pioneering Business Forum & World Leaders Award, an eagerly anticipated event, is set to take place in Dubai from April 27th to 29th, 2024. Co-organized by esteemed entities, including the Dubai Royal Group, the Arab Business Council, and other national chambers of commerce, this landmark event is poised to bring together global business leaders, unicorn entrepreneurs, and industry elites.

Chief Guest: His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Nasser Al Nuaeimi, a distinguished member of the UAE Royal Family, will preside as the Chief Guest, adding a touch of regality to the proceedings.

Venue: The Forum will unfold within the Expo Park of the 2020 Dubai World Expo. The main Forum days are scheduled for the 27th to 28th, with the 29th reserved for private meetings and the prestigious “Global Golf Business Leaders Cup” golf tournament.

Themes and Focus: Themed “Promoting World Peace and Enabling Sustainable Global Economic Prosperity,” the Forum aims to foster extensive discussions on capital flows and business activities. Noteworthy speakers include 80 world-class entrepreneurs and several Nobel Prize winners delivering trend-setting speeches encompassing both scientific and business advancements.

Key Highlights:

160 world-class entrepreneurs and businessmen as dialogue guests
Awards ceremony on the 29th for the “World Leaders Award”
Membership invitations by the World Chamber Presidents Federation, led by the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations
Global President’s Cooperation Committee Inaugural Board of Directors ceremony
Two forums featuring Nobel laureates and top recipients of scientific awards

Pre-Event Engagement: Prior to the Forum, the organizing committee has partnered with Dubai International Accounting Firm to evaluate and audit participating companies, fostering cooperation in thousands of projects. With an expected capital circulation scale reaching tens of billions of dollars, the Forum is set to garner extensive global media coverage.

Participant Profile: Approximately 2,000 participants, including CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies, senior government officials, entrepreneurs, and businessmen, are expected to attend this first-of-its-kind conference in Dubai at the beginning of 2024.

Press Conference: The official announcement of the Business Forum and World Leaders Award took place on February 3rd at the Eight Bar Club. Attended by UAE royal family members, chairpersons of the Committee of Global Prominent Business Figures, and 150 distinguished guests, the press conference marked the commencement of summit preparations. Over 40 global media organizations, led by hosts Frank and Sizhe Wen, expressed their support for this momentous event.

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About the Global Pioneering Business Forum & World Leaders Award: The Forum serves as a platform for global business leaders to collaborate and discuss vital economic issues. Organized by influential entities, the event aims to contribute significantly to global peace and sustainable economic development. The World Chamber Presidents Federation, registered in the United States in 2020, plays a key role in facilitating global cooperation and leadership.